Hello there, I’m an engineering student who also loves economy along with the financial and investment world, for the time being my portfolio is quite small but I work daily in order to optimize my returns and improve my investment decisions.

I like to follow a value approach, I believe following a methodology is extremely important when it comes to investing. I’m a sort of a contrarian and I like to identify undervalued stocks as well as the incoming economic and consumption trends which will generate a growth in many businesses in an attempt to monetize them.

Nonetheless we shouldn’t forget the irrational forces and unconcious biases that rule the markets on the short term periods of time.

When investing, as in every other aspect of our lives, everyone’s particular sweet spot completely varies from one individual to another thus why we should always keep in mind which are our goals and follow our plans in order to reach them.

Every decision we make has an opportunity cost, every choice comes along with it’s own particular trade-off, let’s make the best out of them!